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Private Piano Lessons for Ages 5 to Adult        Beginning - Early Advanced Levels 
Inquiries & Referrals always welcome               Free interview and teaching demo 
          Growing Music Makers in the greater Columbus, Ohio area since 1987

5: Piano Holidays (K-12) & Lesson Schedule / Sept 1 - May 31

                                        First the good news: The piano is the easiest instrument to play.
                          Now the bad news: The piano is the easiest instrument to play unmusically.
                          It is possible to play the piano without passion.....But why?  -- Suzanne Guy

                           September 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020 Piano Holidays
           Each K-12 student has 31 lessons and 8 piano holidays scheduled during the 9 month school year.
          Please note: Holiday dates occasionally need to change. This listing was last updated on 08/11/2019.
               There are NO Lessons for K-12 Students on dates listed below their regular lesson day.
 Monday            Tuesday                Wednesday          Thursday                 Friday              Saturday
  Sep 2, 23           Sep 10                                                 Sep 19                  Sep 20               Sep 21
                             Oct 8                     Oct 30                   Oct 31                   
                            Nov 12                   Nov 27                  Nov 28                 Nov 1, 29            Nov 2, 30
Dec 23, 30        Dec 24, 31               Dec 25                   Dec 26                   Dec 27               Dec 28
 Jan 20                                               Jan 1                      Jan 2                     Jan 3                 Jan 4
 Feb 17                                              Feb 26                                                                          
                           Mar 10                    Mar 25                                                                 
 Apr 13               Apr 14                    Apr 15                 Apr 9, 16                 Apr 10, 17         Apr 11, 18
 May 25              May 12                   May 27                 May 28                     May 29               May 30
                              September 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020  Weekly Lesson Schedule
Time            Monday         Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday           Friday         Saturday
10:00am          X                      X                   Lida G                         X                       X                  X
 10:30              X                      X                                                       X                       X                  X
 11:00am         X                 Lynda S            David S                       X                       X              Elliot R
 11:30               X                 L S /////             David S                        X                       X             Owen R
 12:noon          X                      X                 Daniel T                       X                       X             
 12:30               X                     X                                                       X                       X             
 01:00pm          X                     X                 Gwen S                        X                       X            Michael S
 01:30               X                     X                                                       X                       X             M S /////
 02:00pm          X                     X                                                       X                  Blake W        OPEN
 02:30                X                    X                                                       X                  Blake W       STUDIO
 03:00pm                            Ryan F                                                                       Bill S                X
 03:30         Becca O                                                                                             B S /////             X
 04:00pm   Haden H         Mia H                        X                    Charley MF         Haven S           X
 04:30         H H /////         Sophia Sa           Zavier E                William MF         Nate S              X
05:00pm       Gabe S        Harris J              Wyatt B                 Petra M             Elena E             X
05:30         Frederic F     August J             Bridget N              Carlin W            Claire P            X
06:00pm    Charlie B        Max S                 Mike W                  Isaac R             Aidan H            X
06:30          C B /////          Dora A                                              Weston G           Iris W               X
07:00pm     Judy R          Betty F                Nicole M                Daisy K            Dahlia W           X
07:30          Jack R           B F /////               Thegn FP                Violet K            Vikash G           X
08:00pm    Sophia Si       Jack S               Matthew K            Christian F           VG /////             X
08:30              X                 JS /////                 M K  /////                     X                        X                   X